10CMx10M High Grip Anti Slip Tape Non Slip Adhesive Backed Conformable Black D2D

  • Anti Slip Tape For A Non Slip Surface
  • Fit For Staircase Treads, Steps, Ladders, Ramps, Scaffolding, Buses, Etc.
  • Just Remove Paper Backing To Expose Aggressive Permanent Adhesive & Apply
  • Can Be Cut To Your Desired Size & Shape
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Item Descriptions:
-Anti Slip Tape For A Non Slip Surf
-Fit For Staircase Treads, Steps, Ladders, Ramps, Scaffolding, Buses, Etc.
-Just Remove Paper Backing To Expose Aggressive Permanent Adhesive & Apply
-Notice: Not waterproof and not suitable for outdoor usage
-Can Be Cut To Your Desired Size & Shape

Anti Slip Tape x 1

Item Specifications:
Size:0.1 x 10M


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15 October 2016
I'm afraid I have to disagree with almost everyone else who has left positive reviews regarding this product. I bought it hoping it would alleviate the problem I have whenever it rains for long periods. I have a lot of timber decking, and two flights of steps on various levels. Although I try to keep the whole area clean from algae etc., they can become quite slippery , especially during the winter months, or whenever we get a lot of rain. I thought this product would be the answer. Not so. Obviously I cleaned the steps before application, making sure everywhere was really clean and dry. I applied the tape as recommended, but have to say that when I first "tested" it (tried to remove it) I found it lifted extremely easily. To be fair this was within ten minutes of application. I therefore left it overnight, and next day it SEEMED to be o.k. However, today we had very heavy rain in this area, and guess what - water has got underneath this stuff, and it's lifting almost everywhere. To answer what you must be thinking: YES; I did apply plenty of pressure when I applied it. YES the wooden steps were squeaky clean when I applied it. Would I recommend it? Absolutely not. For me, a complete waste of time and money. Back to the tried and tested chicken wire I guess......
25 August 2018
happy with my order as everything is how it should be.
10 October 2016
Great tape. 2nd order as first batch lasted about 18 months through all weathers on outdoor wooden ramp and did the job perfectly but now starting to peel off. Great product.
10 May 2017
Much thinner than expected and wanted, didn't stick on concrete step. Not recommended. Need a much more robust product for outdoor use
22 November 2016
It's good and really grippy, but about 25cm short of being 10m which is annoying if you need 10 x 100cm (which I did).
Andreas Gasic
12 April 2017
So far so good. Adhesive has been holding for few months but we don't use this as how normally meant to use. We use this as grip tape on slippery surfaces on our climbing gym.
Rachel Knights
28 September 2017
Excellent and perfect for what I needed on our slippy wooden steps.
a d lister
30 December 2016
first class and quick delivery

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