Bestpoint® LED grave light, white with battery; long flash duration of 6 months; LED grave candle with realistic flicker effect; wind- and weatherproof

  • 6 months lifespan: the Bestpoint LED grave light can remain on for 150 - 250 days (subject to temperature) without a battery change.In comparison to conventional grave lights these lights produce less waste and save money.
  • Batteries included, interchangeable and replaceable: batteries (2 x LR14) are included in the box and the LED grave lights are ready to use straight away. The batteries can easily be replaced at the end of their life and the grave light can be used again. The grave light can be switched on and off via a button.
  • Wind and weather proof: the LED candle is designed for outdoor use and must not be stored in the graveyard. Thanks to the sealing lid the electronics are protected from rain and moisture.
  • Realistic flickering flame effect: the grave lamp is equipped with flickering LED lights and gives the illusion of a real grave candle.The light can be placed directly on the grave or placed in a matching grave lantern.
  • Clean and reliable: soot residue and wax droplets are avoiding by using the electronic grave light. -
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Are you looking for an alternative to traditional grave lights?

The LED grave light from Bestpoint stays lit for approximately6 months (depending on the temperature), after which the batteries can easily be replaced.
You don't have to buy more grave lights every week, as well as producing less waste.
The grave light flickers randomly like a real candle and is wind and weather resistant.
It can be used all year round and and requires no maintenance from you apart from changing the batteries.

The LED grave light by Bestpoint is a quality product, tested according to the European directives and is carries the CE mark.



We are sure that you will like our product.



Dimensions: Height: 12.2 cm, diameter: 7.0 cm.

Batteries (included): 2x LR14.

Box contents: Bestpoint LED grave light, 2x LR14 batteries, German operating instructions (cannot guarantee instructions are in English).


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