BICYCLE BELT from Upcycled / Recycled Bike Inner Tube

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Best custom belt for beloved father, guys, boyfriend, husband, brother! Ideal, cool mens gift belt!

All our inner tube belts are made from carefully selected, high-quality, recycled bicycle inner tubes, with colourful linen tapes sewn on the side by our own hands.

Every belt has text from the manufacturer or a puncture fixing patch on it's surface, so all different and unique.

PATCH: an inner tube puncture fix patch (from the previous life of the inner tube) will be on the surface of the belt.

TEXT: original text from the manufacturer of the inner tube will be visible on the surface of the belt.

Besides the extremely durability these tube belts are soft and doesn't stretch.

All of the tubes we collected are cleaned, this belt won't stain your pants.

The strong flip-top buckle is adjustable, not need holes, and doesn't hurt the surface of the inner tube or the strips.

The price includes a FREE pouch made of recycled inner tubes also, usable for sunglasses/tobacco/tool/tissue holder.

If don't know how long you need we can send you a 5 step shortening guide how to cut the belt at home, just scissors and a lighter required.

MATERIAL: recycled / upcycled bicycle inner tube, linen tapes are polyester, buckle + endig tip is metal

Width: about 4 cm / 1.3 inch

Length: personalized (excluding the buckle!)

DELIVERY: Always As-Soon-As-Possible dispatch, as priority postal mail. We always send tracking number in the shipping confirmation.

Before purchase a bike inner tube belt please note that the picture above shows one of the belts, not exactly that you will get. Since the belt is made of recycled materials the recycled inner tube's patch or text location can be different


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Antonio S.
31 August 2017
Have to say I’m incredibly pleased with this belt. It looks superb, it locks great and remains locked. Will look to purchase more in the future when I’m feeling frivolous.
6 December 2017
Great product,original idea, very good construction and good colour choices.

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