DIY 5d Diamond Painting Kits Painting, Handmade Adhesive Round Diamond Painting Cross Stitch Kits with Digital Set Inserted Cross Stitch with City View 40 * 30cm Drill,for Home Decoration

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  • The product set consists of Kanevas premium canvases, tight density, clear ink and various eye-catching icons that are easily recognizable. , Canvas, clay, gluing tool diamond, tray. The picture frame is not included
  • Polyester
  • Mother's Day Gift: High quality 5D rectangular resin diamonds, rules and three-dimensional shape, intense color and solid diamonds. After the rectangular diamonds are inserted into the picture, there are no cracks between the diamonds and that's really perfect
  • 5D DIAMOND PAINTING ❤️ This is a good gift for your lover, family, friends and colleagues at work.If you think that the decoration of the house is insipides and simple, our kits of cross stitc diamond painting can help you Become fresh to your drawing, bedroom and other places
  • 5D diamond image is the most popular decoration so far, noble and elegant. It is the best choice for the decorative image in luxurious places like villa, restaurants, etc. and the ideal choice for enriching your collections. It is also a perfect gift for your friends. It can also reduce the everyday pressure in life
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* Operation:
1. You will find the diamond bag with the same numbering after the number of adhesive spots on the canvas. It would be advisable that you should do the glue work one after the other.
second Fill the plastic disc with the diamonds and shake once, remove the glue stick and uncover a corner of the protective film, touch the pen tip with the adhesive clay to cover the top with clay and to facilitate the reception of the diamonds.
third After covering the pen tip with diamonds, place them in the designated position on the canvas if you do not get used to the paint pen, you can also use the tweezers until all the diamonds are finished.
fourth After completion, print the canvas once with flat objects to fix the diamonds even more solid.
fifth Then the framing and the decoration work done.

* Notes:
1.When working and storing please place on the surface and please do not fold the canvas to avoid creases.
second Please do not remove the protective foil on the canvas for once, but gradually remove it after every single step.
third Keep the diamonds out of reach of children to avoid them swallowing the diamonds.
fourth Children under the age of 6 are allowed to use it only under adult supervision.
fifth Before the picture is framed, please roll the diamonds outwards so they do not fall off.

❤️ The tools color are included: 1 * Canvas + 1 * Clay + 1 * Glue Tool Diamond + 1 * Tray.

❤️ Please note: frame not included, and this is a semi-finished product; Cube diamonds depending on the different styles of color, the amount of diamonds will be given by each color more than 15% to 30%.


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