Nivea Sun UV Sunscreen Face Shine Control Cream for Mat Look SPF30 50ml

  • Nivea Sun UV Sunscreen Face Cream for Mat Look SPF30 50ml
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The facial skin has a different texture than that of the body and needs special protection as it is more exposed to the sun. Nivea Sun facial sunscreens offer specialized protection and care for the needs of the facial skin. Nivea Sun UV Face Cream SPF30 Mat Look is a moisturizing formula that provides a matt finish that lasts long. Absorbs unnecessary oiliness of the epidermis. It offers instant protection with high efficiency with UVA / UVB filters against premature aging and sunburn. Contains antioxidants of natural origin that support the natural defense of the epidermis. Composition with non-stick texture. 0% greasy feeling. Composition friendly to the outline of the eyes. Skin compatibility dermatologically proven


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