Philips Shaver Head RQ10/50 - Arcitec

  • Super Lift & Cut shaving technology with dual blade system
  • 15 razor-sharp blades for a fast and close shave; Lift & Cut & 3 shave heads per pack
  • Comfort and Precise Shaving; Use with the Philips Arcitec Shavers
  • Fits product types: HQ130, HQ132, HQ136, HQ30, HQ33, HQ40, HQ402, HQ404, HQ41, HQ42, HQ441, HQ444, HQ46, HQ460, HQ468, HQ481, HQ489, HQ5824, HQ6415, HQ6423, HQ6445, HQ6605, HQ6610, HQ6613, HQ6646, HQ6675, HQ6676, HQ6695, HQ6696, HQ6831, HQ6842, HQ6843, HQ6844, HQ6857, HQ6859, HQ6863, HQ6874, HQ6879, HQ6900, HQ6920, HQ6940, HQ6941, HQ6950, HQ6970, HQ6990, HQ801, HQ802, HQ805, HQ806 & HS190
  • Suitable for use with the Philips RQ10 series Shavers
Guaranteed delivery in 24 hours!

Box Contains

  • 1 x Philips RQ10/50 Arcitec Triple Track replacement shaving head unit

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    30 July 2017
    I bought my Philips RQ1095 Arcitec shaver on 21/11/2009 and am still using it to this day, which is probably quite a good record.
    I'm finding it a little bit rough now, as it has given me several warnings that the shaver head requires replacement, which I have ignored until now.
    The replacement Philips Shaver Head RQ10/50 is ridiculously expensive at almost u00a370 and really not worth it - for that money I can buy a new shaver with a 1 year guarantee, rather than risk the motor etc going on an 8 year old shaver just after buying a new head for loadsamoney!
    Andrew Morris
    7 January 2015
    I have just taken delivery of this replacement unit (RQ10/50) and have to say that I am very impressed indeed.

    However and like so many others, I wasn't sure if it would fit my razor - an RQ1090, so I used the `Ask a Question' facility.
    A number of folk responded (Thanks!) and I was assured it would.

    One thing I must add here is that I checked to see how long I had had my razor and discovered it would be 5 years old in May (2015). This is the first time I have changed the shaver head and had one of the blade housings not become loose, would probably still be using it now. Having said that, I do use a wet razor too on occasion so this razor is not used every day.

    Anyway, I placed my order and it arrived 2 days earlier than advised.

    It fits perfectly - in fact had it not been for the 'wear and tear' marks on the old head, there was nothing to tell them apart. The same size, markings, construction etc. It's a replacement unit in the true sense of the word. The `Norelco' label is nothing to worry about as the packaging clearly states `Philips Norelco'.

    I can only assume that those who experienced a different sized unit, one made of different materials, no longer able to fit into the auto cleaner or a replacement unit that kept falling off etc., etc., had not ordered the right one.

    The proof of the pudding?

    Just used it for the first time and what a difference! I had forgotten just how good a shave with this razor really was.

    My only advice is to check carefully like I did to ensure you are buying the right product.
    If it ticks all the boxes, go for it.

    This site is certainly the cheapest I found and the replacement unit arrived within a couple of days of ordering it.

    5 stars for the product and another 5 stars for the excellent service.

    21 June 2014
    If you like to electric shave, but haven't changed your shaver head for a few years then you may consider replacing your blades for a fraction of the cost of a new shaver. The blades generally last longer that wet shave, but over time they will wear down and you probably won't notice the difference as it happens so gradually. I bought the new blades and it certainly improved my shaving experience.

    For info, when these arrived they were Norelco branded. If that happens to you don't panic. That's just the Philips brand name in USA. It simply suggests someone is importing them cheaper from the USA, allowing us a better deal.
    27 June 2018
    Terrible never again. Waste of A LOT of money. Very poor shave and after 2 months discarded both shaver & blades and bought Panasonic. Super shaver!! Got spare foils and blades for Panasonic from e spares. Great. 4 yrs use and still going strong..
    6 March 2012
    After four years of use my Phillips Arcitec RQ1095 razor has had to have its second replacement shaving head. The previous replacement was the RQ10/40. It appears that the new (improved!!!!!) replacement one is the RQ10/50. It arrived promptly, well packaged and had only increased in price marginally to the older replacement of two years ago. It gives a decent shave, but not a patch on a wet shave, that's the ultimate shave. My only criticism of the RQ10/50 model is that it appears to have a slightly shorter fixing boss that locates into the shaver body. The shaver head has on occasions popped out of the shaver body whilst in use.
    By Shaz
    22 November 2011
    I have used Phillips Electric Shavers for about 15 years my latest being the RQ1051 Arcitec Shaver after only 2 years I had change the Head , a few shaves to get the new head bedded in my razor is as good as new.

    I purchased the RQ10/50 from Amazon sold by Discount Warehouses who were very quick in delivering, 2 days from placing the order. They informed me that if I had ordered from them direct the postage would have been cheaper, (I give them 5 stars).

    The reason I only gave the Razor Head 4 stars is because I have never found this model Shaver as good as my previous 2 Phillips Electric Shavers, where I made the mistake of replacing the Shavers and not just the Head.
    28 May 2014
    Item arrived well packed and was fitted to my Arcitec razor very easily. New blades cut extremely well and are a great improvement on the old ones which should have been replaced long ago. The only downside to me was the price; quite expensive for new heads as for about twice the price you can buy a complete new razor.
    21 June 2014
    Ordered this for my dad who needed new blade for his razor so in actual fact this recommendation comes from him, he says the item is exactly what he needed for his Philips Arcitec razor and it is doing the job perfectly also have to praise amazon on their super fast delivery and excellent packaging of the item.

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