Terracotta winecooler, Made in England, The Original Suffolk Collection by Henry Watson. Henry Watson' s Potteries Ltd 144

  • A timeless classic that will look great in any modern or traditional kitchen.
  • Made in England from high quality Saffordshire Clay.
  • 7th generation family business manufacturing Terracotta since 1800.
  • Dishwasher Safe.
  • DIMENSIONS 12 cm in diameter X 17cm in height.
Guaranteed delivery in 24 hours!

Terracotta has excellent natural properties. Soak this cooler in water for 0 minutes, completely submerged, prior to serving. Empty out the remaining water and place a pre-chilled bottle inside the cooler. The cool terracotta will keep the bottled chilled for up-to 3 hours.


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28 November 2014
I love these coolers! just dunk them in cold water as you drink you first glass of wine,and you have your cooler ready to go for subsequent glasses (well......bottles!). My one and only problem is the packaging......similar to my wine purchases I cant buy these things in singles- every time, one arrived broken due to shoddy packing. Out of 5 coolers, I had to return 2 as they were broken on delivery. The breakages were purely due to bad packing.
Each time I got a refund,but I would have preferred replacement/ better packing tbh.Two of my friends could have benefited from these coolers.:-(
Brian Hrodgar
17 June 2013
Delightful product, my 4th. I find them useful for stuffing full with kitchen utensils. Does a good job cooling wine, after soaking in cold water and can grace any dinner table.

Hope Henry Watson extends the range, as it appears to have diminished somewhat over the last 10 or so years.
Mrs. Belinda Berger
4 June 2018
Very happy
M. Calvert
24 October 2016
Good transaction - works well.
2 November 2013
Great quality and really good fun! I love the wording on this too! I've bought this as a present and am tempted to keep this myself!
mr a.
19 May 2017
Lovely, stylish wine cooler. Looks great and does the job !
Sarah Sanchez
4 June 2015
Perfect gift!
valerie castello
24 September 2014
Works like a dream

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