Vitrex 102770 6 mm Diamond Tile Drill Self Adhesive Kit


Size Name:6 mm

  • Bit Size: 6mm.
  • Extend the life of the drill bit.
  • For secure positioning for quick & accurate drilling.
  • Uses self adhesive pads for secure positioning.
  • Water delivery & collection cups for clean drilling.
Guaranteed delivery in 24 hours!

Product Description

The Self-Adhesive Diamond Tile Drill Kits offer both the necessary lubrication to extend the life of the drill bit and secure positioning for quick and accurate drilling. Uses self adhesive pads for secure positioning and includes water delivery and collection cups for clean drilling. Use when installing wall fixings through tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, for a wide range of fixtures such as shelves, towel rails or copper pipe. The 07 Self-Adhesive Diamond Tile Drill Kit System. Bit Size: 6mm.Over 60 years of producing quality DIY products has made a leading supplier of tiling and safety products. Since 99 they have been part of the Facom Tools Group, one of the largest hand tool manufacturers in the world.Whilst this gives them access to greater resources it remains their objective to provide products of a professional quality to DIY consumers that are easy to select and use. is an established and recognised supplier to the very best home centres and distributors in the UK and has been at the forefront of the home improvement market for many years. The current program comprises tiling tools, safety equipment, and a small range of hand tools. As part of Q.E.P. Co., Inc., the world's largest wall and floor tool manufacturer, the company is better placed than ever to fulfil its longstanding aim "to design, manufacture and distribute professional quality products at affordable prices. "With further developments already in the pipeline, customers can be assured of exciting things to come!

Box Contains

x 07 Self-Adhesive Diamond Tile Drill Kit 6mm


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10 July 2016
This is an absolute star of a product....
I fit bathrooms for a living and drilling some of these new tiles after Ive finished is a nightmare... you can buy the expensive £30 a time filled with wax if you want but after a bathroom you are lucky to still use it...
But.... this with these very inexpensive drill bits are amazing.... even on the very fast setting (works even better )
warning points... always make sure water is topped up to just above bottom of hole..... any less and drill bit will burn out.

down-side... you need a sticky pad each time you drill a hole.... so try and get more of these if you are drilling more than two bathrooms...

Buy -it!!
p.s. I didnt get paid or any free stuff for this review...

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